Happy summer dog


Where is Happy?

Find Happy The Dog for a chance to WIN Fabulous weekly prizes! Here’s wishing you all a #HappySummer!
This summer Hallmark Channel’s Happy the Dog will be shown in different places throughout the Hallmark Network – HallmarkChannel.com, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Channel’s Happy the Cat & Happy the Dog and ItsHappytheDog social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) and EVEN ON YOUR TV SCREEN!! Share screen captures of your Happy The Dog sightings with the hashtag #HappySummer and mention @HallmarkChannel for an opportunity to win a $250 prize from a weekly drawing between July 19th and August 29th. Your social media account and post must be public. Don’t forget to tune in for Happy Dog’s Summer Nights movie debut in “Love at the Shore” premiering on August 5, 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.


Understanding Aperture – A Beginner’s Guide


Aperture is one of the three pillars of photography, the other two being ISO and Shutter Speed. Without a doubt, it is the most talked about subject, because aperture either adds a dimension to a photograph by blurring the background, or magically brings everything in focus. In this article, I will try to explain everything I know about aperture in very simple language.